Onboarding New Employees

The key to successfully introducing a new starter into your business is a thorough onboarding process. You’ve checked their right to work in the UK, sent off for references and you’ve agreed a start date. So, what else do you need to consider? Our onboarding new employees’ checklist will help you manage this process efficiently, so your new starter has the best possible start.

Before the employee starts

Make sure your employee enjoys a smooth start to their employment with the right workplace setup. Onboarding new employees will require consideration of where they will be sitting and ensuring a clean, tidy desk space is available. If working in a warehouse, factory, or manufacturing environment, ensure the PPE and tools they need are ready for them. There is nothing more daunting for a new employee to find they have nowhere specific designated to work. This gives a bad impression of the organisation and could lead to low staff retention rates, where employees leave only after a few months of employment.

Consequently, line managers need to make sure all IT equipment is ready in time too, which includes a computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse and handset. If you are in a large business, notify your procurement teams at least one month before the new employee is due to start work. This should allow enough time to order in and deliver new pieces of equipment if required. Ask your IT team to setup accounts and give access to any relevant systems.

Onboarding new employees

Make sure your security desk has been notified of the new starter, preparing any company ID cards and lanyards in advance. These can be given to the employee when they arrive so they can easily gain access in and out of the building.

Arrange for a colleague to welcome the new employee when they arrive. Ideally, they would then take them on a tour of the building, so they can orient themselves. Show them the location of fire exits, toilet facilities and any on-site canteens. This is a good opportunity to go through any relevant access codes, health and safety and/or security policies that apply to your business. If you have a large site, give them a map so they can find their way around.

Line managers should also allocate a timeslot to introduce your new starter to the company. This will give you the opportunity to go through any important documentation, especially if you require signatures. In this session, you can talk through aspects of the company in terms of culture, team dynamics and relevant departments.

Employee starter pack

On their first day, hand your new employee a HR starter pack. This should contain their employment contract (if this has not already been provided), along with various important documents. Remember, new employees must be given a principal statement no later than day one. This is a legal requirement for ALL new employees and workers.

Below is a list of the documents that should be included in a new starter pack:

Employee check-ins

When onboarding new employees, depending on the role, you could also consider allocating a “peer mentor” to be available to the new starter should they have any questions. This can be especially useful in the early weeks of their employment, where the employee is trying to get to grips with an overwhelming level of information and brand-new tasks. A peer mentor will help to prevent the new employee feeling isolated and is cited as a successful onboarding strategy.

Plan regular one-to-one feedback sessions so you can monitor the employee. Meet with them after the first two weeks to see how they are settling into their new role. Book 1-month, 2-month and 3-month reviews with your employee. This gives them the opportunity to provide their own feedback and to discuss any concerns they have. You can also offer feedback in these sessions, for example, identifying areas where they might need training.

Do you need help onboarding new employees?

Jude Read-HR can provide your company with all the employee documents you need, including employment contracts, employee handbooks, company policies and procedures. As your dedicated HR partner, we offer ad hoc HR advice, retained support or on a consultancy basis for complex cases and large projects.

If you’d like HR support relating to onboarding new employees, or you would like advice on any type of employee matter, please get in touch.

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