What is Mental Health?

Mental health focuses on our emotional and psychological health. It’s the same as when we are unwell in our physical body, but applies to our mind. Most workplaces have at least one First Aider to assist employees in the event of an accident or being unwell at work. However, this is not usually replicated in terms of a Mental Health First Aider, (MHFA) who could assist when our minds are unwell. This blog focuses on the benefits to employers when they invest in and implement Mental Health First Aider Training.

What is the Role of a Mental Health First Aider?

In the workplace, a trained Mental Health First Aider is able to recognise some important signs that an employee may be experiencing a mental illness and offer some initial help. Employees who are concerned about a colleague will be able to speak with the Mental Health First Aider. In the first instance, they could either ask for guidance, so they can offer help to the colleague themselves, or they could direct the Mental Health First Aider to make contact and offer to listen and support the individual in a non-judgemental manner.

It is important to remember that Mental Health First Aiders are not able to diagnose mental health conditions; they are not qualified health professionals. Their role is to simply identify the signs, so they are able to direct individuals to the right professional support.

In the first instance, a Mental Health First Aider can:

  1. Preserve life when they deem an individual to be a danger to themselves or others
  2. Provide help to prevent the person’s mental health from becoming more serious
  3. Provide comfort to an individual suffering with mental health issues
  4. Promote recovery of good mental health

The Cost of Mental Health

Mental health affects everyone and costs businesses £34.9 billion a year, due to absence, presenteeism and staff turnover. As an employer, isn’t it time you started to invest enough resource and support in relation to your workforce by introducing a Mental Health First Aider?

What Type of Mental Health Issues Has Your Company Experienced?

Why not have a look at the Mind website, which outlines different mental health conditions?

Mental Health First Aider – The Benefits to Your Business

An employer that takes active steps to protect and promote the mental health of its employees will benefit from reduced absence levels, resulting in fewer mistakes and impact on other employees, and greater productivity.

Employers can expect reduced costs in connection to recruiting, due to increased and/or sustained retention levels, as well as engaged and loyal employees.

Furthermore, there will be less time required for managers to manage employee issues, inefficiency and poor performance, resulting in them being able to add more value to the business in their designated roles.

Ultimately, employers with a good awareness of mental health issues in the workplace are likely to command a stronger position in their marketplace.

Mental Health First Aid Training

Mental Health England

We are able to offer an internationally recognised, 2-day Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training course.

Training can be either at your place of work or you can come to us.

Every attendee will receive all the relevant materials, including a manual, a workbook, a Z-Card for ALGEE and a Mental Health First Aider badge.

Here’s some feedback about our excellent trainer, Becky:

I found the course to be a huge eye opener. Felt it was delivered extremely well. I feel I can use it going forward to assist others as well as myself”.

The course was very informative. Whilst the content was, at times, difficult it was delivered very well and with sensitivity. The course leader was very knowledgeable and engaging”.


For more information on our Mental Health First Aid training course, call us today on 01455 231982 or 07716 91272. Or, if you prefer, email us with your query and we will respond as soon as we can: enquiries@jrhr.ltd



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