Don’t dismiss the HR value for SME businesses

HR has so much more value to offer than most perceive

As a business owner you have many balls to juggle, and HR generally tends to be the one that gets dropped on the floor and kicked under the table. But wait – have you really taken the time to understand its worth and the value it can add to your business?

Consider what would happen to your business if you had no employees

How would your customers get their goods or services? Who would take their orders? Who would collect the money or manage your sales and marketing, promote your business, provide customer service, deal with suppliers, and so the list continues… scary, isn’t it?

But you want to make a profit?

You want to make a profit. You want to have a successful business and become a respected name in your market. However, you’re unlikely to do this without employees. Now you’re starting to see their worth. You need employees who come to work and work hard; who provide an excellent service, are productive, loyal, go the extra mile, and don’t cause you any issues. How can you have this and, ultimately, an efficient workforce without boundaries, levels of expectation, rules and procedures? Imagine road users with no rules and the chaos which would follow – no traffic lights and no speed limits (well, maybe that’s not such a bad thing). It’s likely to result in accidents, road rage and gridlock. Your workforce is the same.

This is how to add HR value for SME businesses

HR is very important and beneficial, especially when it is used proactively and as an integrated function of your business, driving forward the aims of your strategic business goals. How many of your employees know what your business goals are and what you wish to achieve? Guess what? Your business is not too small to have HR; it won’t grow as quickly as you’d like without it.

Are your employees motivated and committed to your business? Do they have the skills needed to support the business now and to take it forward? Are your managers effective and do they engage employees? Are you measuring employee and company performance against your business strategy? If not, then how do you know where your weaknesses and strengths are?

Align HR to your business goals through your employees; identify the elements mentioned and put your foundations in place. Invest in HR – after all, they are the experts when it comes to employees, they know and understand your legal obligations and will reduce or, even better, remove costly risks to your business by preventing you from failing to treat your employees fairly. HR will protect your business from rogue employees by acting proactively, managing them efficiently and effectively resulting in reduced time and cost as opposed to any reactive management. All of this will be underpinned by rules and procedures you choose and, more importantly, the consequences of not performing at the level expected.

Communication is key if you want to be cost-effective with your HR budget, be proactive as much as possible, invest the time to train, engage, motivate and manage your employees. See your costs and time reduce when managing HR issues such as absence and retention, and watch your productivity, sales and profits increase.

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HR value for SME businesses

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