HR Documents & The Internet

HR Documents & The Internet

We know the Internet is a great tool for finding out all sorts of information but is it really the best place to source your HR documents from? Have you thought of the potential consequences of downloading and using information contained within HR documents that you assume is correct?HR Documents & The Internet

HR Documents

At Jude Read-HR Consultancy, we have come across many smaller business (and a couple of medium ones too) that have taken the option of downloading and using documents from the Internet for employment purposes. Unfortunately they failed to have the essential knowledge needed to fulfil the purpose of the exercise:

  • There was an assumption the documents were correct & up to date.
  • Those that had taken this route did not have sufficient knowledge to understand what content/clauses should be in an employment contract and what shouldn’t.
  • Whilst individuals can read and understand employment documents to a degree, can they really apply the law as it should be, to maintain legal compliance?

Potential Risks

  • Indirect or direct discrimination – compensation for this is uncapped and a person whether employed or not can bring a claim against you, there is no minimum length of service required.
  • As an employer you may find you have unknowingly managed a process only for it to challenged as an unfair procedure at a later date – disciplinary, dismissal, grievance and appeal procedures are the common risks here but they are not limited.
  • You may find you are stuck with an employee you wish to exit from the business for a longer period of time than is really necessary and as such it could cost you more.
  • Statutory rights are not the easiest procedures to understand, many employers have little or no knowledge of these and as such render themselves at risk of a potential unfair procedure, and in/direct discrimination.

As an employer your time is precious and I know you would rather be directing your energy into running your business efficiently. Don’t risk your time, finances and reputation for the sake of not having these provided by a professional.

The content in this document is provided in good faith and for guidance and informative purposes only, Jude Read-HR Consultancy will not accept liability for any misinterpretation.

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