Creating an inclusive culture at work might seem challenging at times, especially if you have recently gone through a restructure, merger or another period of transition. Workplace inclusivity has many benefits, not just for employees’ wellbeing, but for your business too. An inclusive organisational culture tends to have an engaged
When you are considering how to plan for a redundancy situation in your business, there are some important factors you need to consider so you stay legally compliant. Our redundancy planning guide takes you through the key steps you need to take to ensure the process runs as smoothly as
Consider your workforce, how many employees would you estimate act as a carer to their dependent(s)? Do you know what employee rights as a carer are? Juggling caring responsibilities and work can be very stressful. So, what are employee rights as a carer and how can employers recognise those who
This guide looks at how apprenticeships and what you need to know. Taking on an apprentice may seem daunting to a busy organisation, but an apprentice could provide you with valuable support. However, there are pros and cons to consider. It is worth noting that the term “apprentice” can apply to
The key to successfully introducing a new starter into your business is a thorough onboarding process. You’ve checked their right to work in the UK, sent off for references and you’ve agreed a start date. So, what else do you need to consider? Our onboarding new employees’ checklist will help
Angry faces - difficult employee
Understanding how to deal with a difficult employee can be a nightmare for most employers. The key to a successful outcome will depend on whether the situation has been dealt with fairly and proactively. If you’re in a difficult situation concerning an employee, there are various actions you can take
Sexual Discrimination - child at nursery school
The Equality Act prohibits sexual discrimination in the workplace. As an employer, it is important to understand what is considered as “sexual discrimination”, along with your duties and responsibilities. Failure to act or resolve a situation involving this type of discrimination could result in an employment tribunal. Gender reassignment discrimination
Hybrid working
Introducing hybrid working: what you need to know. Growing numbers of companies are recognising that offering hybrid working where operationally possible can be really advantageous. It can help with recruiting new employees as well as enabling existing staff to manage their working and personal responsibilities more successfully. But it needs
Calculator Employees’ financial wellbeing
Employees’ financial wellbeing is as important to an employer as the employee themself. If employees are worried about finances, this can severely impact their concentration and performance. Money matters will be on many employees’ minds at the moment. February ONS data showed there were mounting worries about the cost of
‘Offboarding process’ might sound like a slightly strange phrase, but basically, it’s a term that covers everything to do with the final stage of an employee’s time with you from the moment it’s confirmed they are leaving. There are a lot of employees on the move at the moment which
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