Employment Law Changes - April 2020
Employment Law Changes in April 2020 We recently provided a blog detailing several Government consultations in regards to potential changes to employment law, you can read that here. This blog provides information to employers regarding actual employment law changes in April 2020. Written Statement of Particulars of Employment Currently, all
Mental Health First Aid
  What is Mental Health? Mental health focuses on our emotional and psychological health. It’s the same as when we are unwell in our physical body, but applies to our mind. Most workplaces have at least one First Aider to assist employees in the event of an accident or being
Employment Law Update 2019 | Jude Read-HR Consultancy
Employment Law Updates 2019: July Announcements In July 2019, the Government announced a series of proposed changes to employment law. The announcements relate to statutory sick pay, maternity leave, redundancy during pregnancy, sexual harassment, modern slavery, flexibility in working hours, and family-friendly leave and pay. In this article, we look
Employee Absence Sporting Events
How to Deal With Employee Absenteeism During Major Sporting Events As Wimbledon is about to start (1 – 14 July 2019) and both the Cricket and Women’s World Cup are both now well underway, how do you manage multiple employees wanting to take time off to watch their favourite sports?
Nachural Summer Business Ball & Awards 2019
I am delighted to be a finalist in the Nachural Summer Business Ball & Awards 2019 in the category Customer Service Excellence.  More news to follow!
Sick pay during notice periods
There is often confusion regarding sick pay during notice periods, this blog will help employers to understand their legal obligations better. Employees qualify for statutory sick pay (SSP) if they are employed under a contract of employment, are incapable of working for a period of 4 or more consecutive days
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