You’ve probably heard the expression “fire and rehire” in the news over the past few years. It’s basically a term coined to refer to a situation where a company dismisses employees and then re-employs them straight away on less favourable terms. It’s a risky approach for employers to take. And
Do you have any cases of long term absence in your company? If so, what steps are you taking to manage it? Maybe you don’t have any employees off right now. But are you confident that you’d know how to manage the situation if someone did go off for a
If elected in July, what would a Labour Government mean for the employment law landscape? ‘Labour’s Plan to Make Work Pay’ launched at the end of May. And it’s clear that their vision continues to be very different to the Conservatives. The party’s ethos is to bring in employment law
What would you consider to be an example of age discrimination at work? Perhaps a comment like “Any thoughts about retirement yet?”. Or a manager saying they’d prefer to not consider an applicant for a role because they’re “a bit on the old side”? These are certainly examples of age
Have you ever found yourself slightly unsure about the various categories of leave your employees could be eligible to take when it comes to their children? It can get a bit confusing. While there are a number of different types of leave an employee can take if they are, or
When it comes to employment law changes, 2024 is turning out to be a very busy year! This article isn’t intended to be an exhaustive list as we can’t cover all of the changes here. But these are some of the main ones to be aware of… 1. Changes to
Did you know that the law relating to flexible working has changed? The Employment Relations (Flexible Working) Act gained Royal Assent last summer and became effective from the 6th April 2024. With a number of changes to the rules around flexible working, it’s important you’re aware of this and not
Employee Performance and Business Growth: 5 Key Steps
As a leading HR consultancy in the UK, we have seen businesses of all sizes navigate the challenges of workforce management. Amidst this myriad of experiences, a consistent theme emerges: managing employees for high performance is key to unlocking exponential company growth. But how do you ensure your team is
Managing a TUPE transfer, legally known as Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) can be a complex and challenging task for employers. TUPE regulations are designed to protect the rights of employees when a business or service is transferred from one employer to another. As an HR consultancy business, we
Managing a redundancy situation can be challenging for any organisation. It is a process that requires careful planning, sensitive execution, and strict adherence to the legal framework, particularly when collective consultation is involved. This blog outlines 6 key steps for employers to consider when managing collective consultation during redundancy. 1.
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