Employee Sickness Absence

What Impact is Employee Sickness Absence Having on Your Business?

Are you aware of the impact employee sickness absence has on your business? It’s not just the cost but potentially your reputation too.Poor Employee Performance

Are you failing to meet customer orders, missing deadlines and receiving complaints because your employees are unreliable in their attendance?

Do you avoid managing employee absence due to the time involved or because you don’t think you have a problem?

Impact on Workforce

What message do you think this sends out to those employees who are rarely absent and come to work regardless of a cold, backache, upset tummy and just get on with their job? What happens when you decide enough is enough, are you able to implement an efficient solution?

This is a quick blog which acts as a catalyst to help you think about factors necessary to help reduce your costs both financially and in time along with increasing customer satisfaction.

Do you find the following in your business?

* High turnover of employees
* High overtime payments
* Delay in processing customer orders and meeting deadlines
* Failure to have sufficient time to concentrate on important business issues as you are      firefighting all the time   –  do you think maybe your absence rates contribute to this?


* Implement a sickness policy
* Train your managers how to adhere to it and the consequences of not following it

This snippet of information hardly scratches the surface of employee sickness absence management, if you need more guidance and help to understand this further then please contact Jude Read-HR Consultancy.

We have many years experience in identifying sickness absence issues, providing advice and delivering training courses on the topic.

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