Business Matters Magazine Interviews Jude Read

The UK’s largest publication for SME’s, Business Matters Magazine Interviews Jude Read


Business Matters Magazine interviews Jude Read to find out what she would have done differently.

We are pleased that Jude Read’s HR expertise has been recognised by the UK largest and longest standing publications for SME businesses. Jude has the unique benefit of having worked as an HR professional within an internal HR function within many industries.

The needs and demands are limited for internal HR functions and so Jude also has experience of managing a portfolio of clients. The portfolio of clients ranged from distribution, manufacturing, hotels, charities and the care sector to name a few. There was a range of sizes, different internal structures and a variety of cultures, all different form the next.

Jude is a fully qualified Employment Consultant with almost 20 years HR & employment law experience and client relationships feature top of her priority list.

Business Matters Magazine

Business Matters Magazine was established in 1987 and is the longest standing and largest UK business publication for SMEs. Each day its website has between 1500 and 5000 visitors, and its electronic Daily Update is sent out to over 80,000 SME subscribers.

The physical magazine edition has a circulation of 120,000 SMEs.

The Magazine’s regular columnists include several high profile businessmen including Duncan Bannatyne, Richard Alvin and James Caan.

Read the article and find out more about Jude here…

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