Bad Weather Policy

Let it Snow…

Have you got a Bad Weather Policy in place? It’s that time of year again where it gets cold and employee absence starts creeping up and lateness becomes an issue.

We know that you will have at least one employee who uses the bad weather as an excuse not to turn in for work either on time or at all.

We really are not the best country when it comes to managing everyday travel when we encounter some ice and snow. We should be like the Ice Road Truckers, put those snow chains on and just get on with it. Having said that let us give you some pointers to help you remain proactive in managing employee attendance when the weather turns nasty.

Bad Weather Policy

Ensure you have a ‘Bad Weather Policy’ in place, that employees are aware of it and it outlines expectations. Take into account the health & safety of employees and the consequences of not following it. These are the considerations to include:

  • Who should employees contact if they are unable to make it to work or are likely to be late due to weather  conditions, travel disruptions and public transport issues?
  • If the weather becomes very bad, who defines what is ‘very bad’ and who should employees contact in this situation?
  • Refer to employees ensuring their personal safety and that of others comes first.
  • If an employee is unable to make it to work, what happens in respect of pay?
  • Is an employee expected to use their annual leave?
  • What if the employee has no annual leave left?
  • Is the employee expected to make the time up?
  • What, if anything is detailed in the employee contract that may need to be considered?

If you need a policy, guidance or advice just call us at Jude Read-HR Consultancy on 01455 231982 | 07716918272., we’re always happy to help!

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